Satellite Generation

by Welter

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released November 18, 1998



all rights reserved


Welter Sydney, Australia

Elliott Weston has this gift, to be able to tell a story through his lyrics and then effect the audience with his breathtaking voice.
They have released 1 EP Cleaver, and their critically acclaimed album Satellite Generation,Plus Million Star Motel.

“The breadth,tonal range and expressive quality of Elliotts voice are a delight.”
(Sydney Morning Herald feature)
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Track Name: Janis
Why’s the world so black
Carry you on my back
Like a black tie, black car, black money at the bar
You won’t ever know you’ve gone to far
Hate is all you’ve got
When the right starts to rot
Crows attack, the Journo hack, the carcass on the road
The headlight glare caught you there and you just froze

Janis was smart
Janis worked it out
Janis knew that for you to remember what she said
She’d be better off dead
Elvis was King that why he over ate
Elvis knew but he just worked it out too late
Too late. Ah yeah.

When the winter comes
You’re still red from the sun
Your rum and coke, tongue tied, hot eyed, blood shot state of mind
Your politics come from shooting down road signs.


Take it all back you J-J-J-Journo Hack
© Elliott Weston
Track Name: Benbuckler
Ben Buckler

One step closer to the edge
Ben Buckler’s call me to join him
One step closer to the edge
All I want to do is throw this sunburnt body Down

A sunny day in Winter time
The surfs up, waves come crashing in
I see the sun out, I see the surf up.
The waves come, let’s go.

I really need somewhere to hide
Where no one can bury me where I stand.
They’re gonna bury me, they want to bury me
Bury me right here. But not yet

Chorus repeat

Let’s go Down

Lyrics By Elliott Weston © 1998
Track Name: Everything

After you loved me I lost.
I had to learn to wear the cost.
But now I know all about.
Great misery without you.
We used to walk about hand in hand.
Everybody talks about nobody understands me.
Like you used to do
When you loved me. Before left me and nailed someone else.

Do you hold her like you held me.
Don’t you tell me no.
I’m not crazy it’s no longer true.
I was blind. I lost my mind. I could not see.
You were everything to me.

I blazed a trail with a gun.
I stood alone under the sun.
But will I stop and forgive.
I need to find a reason to live now.
Is it a little thing deep inside?
A tiny little wedding ring like the one that binds you
To me totally.
Laws on your side. Times on my side and our oath to god.

Chorus repeat.
You are everything.

Lyrics By Elliott Weston © 1998
Track Name: Whatever

Cultural tall poppy cringe in the curl your lip the latest overseas trip.
The latest craze is a Summer haze that disappears with the light.
Just like last night banging you head on a wall.
Keep it down not to loud everyone’s doing it now let’s do it.

Don’t follow blind
Don’t say never mind
Don’t say
Whatever. Whatever. Whatever.

Riots in the suburbs Herb and I’ve gotta confess your right to righteousness.
Fight me too just get through hang about a Saturday night.
Drink like Shark bite quelling a hell of a thirst call ‘em mate hit ‘em first.
Never to late to retaliate.

Chorus repeat

Stolen children in the night women put up a fight.
Local lads in blue have only got a job to do.
Seen how they live? Those poor poor kids no better than dogs.
And Dogs? There must be thirty in a pack.
That’s that I’m calling in the vet, get rid of the lot.
Farm the kids out to good families, loving families.
Families with money. White families.

Chorus repeat

Lyrics By Elliott Weston © 1998
Track Name: Swim
Learn to Swim

When we’re together in the heat of the day
Down by the river, Love you is easy to say.

Oo the water’s so cool I know only fools rush in here I go.
Learn to swim
Deep in love

You touch me and I shiver, Hands down my back
We dive into the river, the bottom’s so deep where it’s black.

Chorus repeat

When I’m with you I feel no pain. Hurting you, well I’m not to blame
I’m loving you like I’ve never loved you before.

We crawl from the river naked in the sun
If we leave hear forever I pray that we go as one

Chorus repeat

If I leave you here on your own well take a torch and burn my home
I couldn’t bear to love you and leave you today. Let’s dance

Chorus repeat

Lyrics By Elliott Weston © 1998
Track Name: Pop Psychology
Pop Psychology

You fill my head with pop psychology
Wrote down a list of all the things that were wrong with me
You picked all the holes picked all the holes in me

Are you the sort of girl that boys take home and then forget about?
Forget about me. yeah.

I caught you out with your bible wrapped in plastic.
You were guilty enough almost to be Catholic.
If you’re looking for something to read then why not read me.

Chorus repeat

You fill my head with pop psychology.
You fill my dreams like a nightmare that haunts me.
I wake to find, I wake to find you… Gone.

I’m the sort of boy that girls take home then forget about.
Forget about me

Forget about all the people you’ve been treading.

Lyrics By Elliott Weston © 1998
Track Name: Nothing I Ever Do
Keep this looking in
Something’s got to give
Maybe it’s my heart
Maybe it’s my state of mind
Searching for a place
Where I can unwind
Somewhere where the land
Isn’t fighting with the sky

Nothing I ever do is ever good enough for you
Nothing I ever do
Nothing I ever do is ever good enough for you

There you go again
Banging off your mouth
Shoot me down in flames
When I have a go and try
Know you ‘re in the wrong
So say all your friends
Everything you take
All you touch you break is mine Mine, mine, mine.


Lie, Lie Lie.

Lyrics Elliott Weston © 1998
Track Name: Cradle Me
Cradle Me

When the storms of December
Howl and crash around Cape Beale
Remember crying like a baby and feel
Low, empty, and a little bit lonely

Walk alone on the back beach
Talking to the sea and me
I’ll be there tugging at your jacket and your hair
Yeah, I’ll tease you just like I used to do.

So Cradle Me

When the storms of December
Break the headland into dust
Remember everything we’ve done will rust. Rust.
But I love you is the only thing that ever shines through.
Shines on through.


So Cradle me
(When you on your own, know that you are not alone)

Lyrics Elliott Weston © 1998
Track Name: Satellite

Broken down out back of the bay, camped out in the van.
Waiting for the rain to stop, got stuck for a week.
Scraping up the change at a petrol stop. Sold an old guitar.
Rock n’ Roller coaster that I can’t get off.
How’d I come down this far?

Turn out the light tonight .
You keep movin’ on movin’ on movin’ on.
Watch that satellite cross the night.
Like you movin’ on movin’ on movin’ on.

Called you up and reversed the charge. Hit you for a loan.
Can’t get passed the answer machine then your mum comes on the phone
Says you’ve done the run and you’ve got our boy. Don’t call here again.
The telephone box comes zooming in. Fall into the rain.

Chorus repeat

Made it back and the band broke up.
But I’ve got to play on……
Dragged around your parent’s house, tried to patch it up.
Your father hit the roof when he saw my face. Slammed into the truck

Chorus repeat.

Lyrics Elliott Weston © 1998
Track Name: Lindisfarne
The Bells of Lindisfarne

I pick up the shoes you gave me and put ‘em on my feet
But the fit is bad they’re cold, I can’t complain.
Nobody listens to me, No one ever listens.
I button the coat around me to keep out all the eyes
Don’t you know the eyes they hurt like a frozen fist
Behind them burns a flame. A tainted flame of anger

But the bells of Lindisfarne ring out over the river
The Bells of Lindisfarne will one day deliver me from here.

The lover inside this loner is hiding everything that I feel
Cos I’m confused and I’ve run away.
Just to forget about you, Five years times a lifetime.
Open a book of pictures, a photograph of home
Now I live in shame alone, my name is murder,
A killer of conversation, at the slightest mention.

Chorus repeat

Don’t, don’t wait for me coz time, time waits for no one.
Don’t, don’t wait for me.

I wait in the yard for silence. of which I never find coz I can’t escape the noise.
Of banging steel doors, cold shoes on hard floors, voices from the shadows
The winter is long and lonely, a never ending dream.
In the scheme of things I’m lost but I know that sound.
Hope returns like springtime. New Love rings the church bells.

Chorus repeat

When I go as a free man I’ll walk up to the tower and ring those bells
The Bells of Lindisfarne

Lyrics Elliott Weston © 1998
Track Name: The Petrol Song
When will I stop this pretending?
You can see right through me girl
When will you stop all your travelling?
You say your life is over
I fit your father’s jeans
I fit like I’m high on gasoline

This is the Petrol Song
Well here I am in my car with a tin of Petroleum

I know it rains a lot in London
It’s been raining here for weeks
You suicide when there’s nothing on
You say your life is over
Let’s play your sister’s clarinet
Let’s play at trying to forget
Chorus Repeat

You can cover my body in gas
You can take a match and set me on fire
Chorus Repeat
Set me on Fire

Lyrics Elliott Weston © 1998
Track Name: Motormouth/ Cancel Hope (Hidden Track)

I did my best so don’t come down to hard
Followed in your footsteps Tippity run in the back yard
But when Summer comes we go a little crazy

Motormouth. Me and my motormouth.
Couldn’t wait to let it out.
And drive on home.

High on the high street. Dollar in my hand.
Drifting sound of green sleeves. Skipping along to the Whippy van.
Catch the man.
But when Summer comes we go a little crazy
Chorus repeat.

The last two hundred K’s to Melbourne make it by the end of the day.
Left the harbour city at ten o’clock, breaking the law all the way
Chorus repeat

Read it in the papers, haves and have nots.
The SATELLITE GENERATION left on heap to rot
Swallowed up your truth, don’t induce belief
Stuck in part time job, a lifetime of grief.
Chorus repeat

Lyrics Elliott Weston © 1998

Cancel Hope

Cancel hope bear the weight
You my joy
Cancel joy I am dumb
You my will

Can’t go on I need you back.
Can’t go on I want you back.
What’s the point I lose again?
What’s the point?
I have seen the end.

Cancel hope stop the show
You my love
Cancel love I am lost
You my heart

Chorus repeat

Lyrics Elliott Weston © 1998